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Antique Commode Reimagined

You have seen these little cabinets at estate sales and thrift store. You may even have one in your home waiting for a little update. Let me show you how some prep and paint can turn your tired antique into a statement piece for your home.

I knew when i saw the construction of this piece that it was an antique but beyond a restoration. It had a cross piece that was added and not original but some paint would solve that in uniting the two pieces into one, cohesive cabinet.

First things first, i got to scrubbing with White Lightening. This baby needed a few, detailed washes to get clean. Then, rinsed in clean water and patted dry.

What colors to use? Who else agonizes over this decision? I decided to go with a base coat of Black Sands, in the Silk Mineral Paint line. It's a beautiful, graphite black.

I knew i wanted some depth and shadows to peek through so i chose a lighter color to paint on top of Black Sands. Warm-toned Sun Kissed was the winner. I loved how in some areas, the Black Sands peeked through.

Since Silk has a built in sealer, it was now time to embelish! Some pieces from the Vintage Floral transfer in the Belles & Whistles line added so much to the final look.

A little wet distressing to pull back some of the paint added to the time-loved charm of the final look. Some shading and age was added with Dixie Dirt in Charcoal.

The original hardware was given a coat of Slick Stick after being scrubbed clean. After Slick Stick sat for a day, a coat of Caviar CMP then layers of gilding waxes in Silver and Zinc with a touch of Black.

I did this technique on the drawer sides as well, to give it a galvanized metal look, something i like to call a General Store finish.

Check out the joinery of these drawers. It's called cove and pin and helps date the piece from 1871 to 1900 manufactured in North America.

The rest of the wood was given lots of attention with Big Mommas Butta in Flannel. This eco-friendly and all-natural treatment is gold! It effortlessly reconditions, refinishes and protects the wood.

So what do ya think? I'm really happy with the outcome and had so much fun painting this one!

It's already found a new home in a lovely couple's dining room.

*all products used are by Dixie Belle Paint Company.

I'm a Retailer and fan of all of their products. You can find everything used available here on this website.

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